Products for every hair type

Our retail product selection features great alternatives for every need. We want to offer suitable products for everyone, from thick lion’s manes to fine hair, and from busy mornings to creating special occasion updos. Because of our agile production process, we are able to react quickly to new trend developments in the industry and create modern products that have been approved by hair stylists who tested them during product development.



The product line that is bursting with joy and fun has an uncomplicated approach to hair care and styling. Four Reasons brings together a versatile and large selection of hair products that are easy to use. All products share the same charming attitude that celebrates individuality.



High-quality Four Reasons Professional hair care products work wonders on your hair every time you use them. The products cleanse, condition, care and style for different hair types in the best possible way. Our products have been designed for the demanding needs of professional hair stylists and the are made from high-quality, vegan ingredients in an ecological way.



Keep the nature close, by your side. Dance in the rain. Take your shoes off in the grass. Feel the wind in your hair. Four Reasons Nature has been developed to bring out your beauty in a natural way, with truly effective products. Nature combines freedom and the will to create a better tomorrow today.



Sensitivity is a positive thing in this product line that does not contain any perfume, colorants or parabens. The products are the perfect choice for families with children or for anyone wishing to decrease their daily chemical and perfume load. The product line has the official emblem of the Finnish Allergy, Skin and Asthma Federation. Read more for our KC Professional website.



The trendy and modern product range offers the latest hair industry innovations and current trends with a Scandinavian twist. High-quality products that stand out from the crowd have been designed to be combined and mixed with each other according to the hair type and the desired result. This makes it possible to personalize the perfect product combination for every occasion.



Create your own personal spa moment with these modern products designed to care for the wellbeing of the scalp. Essential oils bring a touch of luxury to the hair care moment. The product line offers efficient products for treating scalp problems but also for maintaining the ideal balance and wellbeing of a healthy scalp. Read more from our KC Professional website.